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I’m going on holiday next week, and part of the joys of being self employed is that I don’t get holiday pay. So I need to cover rent while I’m not working, and have some spending money too.

Lucky for you guys, this means I’m having a 20% off everything in my store sale from now until Oct 10!…

Damn you. *orders a couple of things I’ve had my eye on*




basically how I met all my bros. I hope you know that you’re my bro, random person




basically how I met all my bros. I hope you know that you’re my bro, random person

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Bad enough we will have limited potions ingame, but now heal spells are gone too? Christ, Bioware. Like i wasn’t nervous enough about this godforsaken game.



He’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr Lee Pace



Potter fans—the box stops here.

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I think all bjd owners speak at least a little, though


I’m not the first to make this joke and by god I won’t be the last

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Mini Nail-Art Tutorial: for Resin BJD


  • Nail Shields
  • Matte Tape
  • Orange Stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Portable Heater/ Hair Dryer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail file 
  • Doll hands
  1. Place tape over nail bed, using an orange stick push the tape down into the sculpted lines of the nails.
  2. Draw the shape of the nail on the tape with a pencil.
  3. Place tape over nail shield sticker in a spot that the design will be detailed making sure it’s not close to the edge.
  4. Cut around the nail shape leaving a tail for handling.
  5. Remove tape and protective backing and fix the sticker to an orange stick, hold in front of a portable heater or hair dryer (high heat, low power) to melt the adhesive on the back. 
  6. Place the sticker on the nail bed and press down with a flexible cuticle pusher.
  7. When cooled gently sand of the tail with a nail file (or cut with scissors)

Both me and my sister use these nail shields on our own nails, I’ve tried this method on spare doll hands and I love the level of detail. Its especially great for using leftover pieces after doing your own nails. I haven’t had any issues with the effects of the nail shield sticker’s adhesive on resin but I certainly recommend sealing the hands first. If you aren’t as willing to take risk you could also decorate your doll’s nails with decorative paper and pva glue. I haven’t tried with nail polish strips because I don’t recommend using nail polish on dolls.

Mamiya (Volks Mark) is wearing Lace Noir, and the hand in the tutorial images is wearing PickledPaisley.

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Giveaway time!

What: I’m giving away faux fur wig lucky packs in the winner’s choice of size from my available sizes. Each lucky pack will contain two randomly colored wigs. Shipping will be on me.

There will be three winners!


Yah don’t gotta be following me to win, but it would be nice. Nobody is associated with this giveaway other than me. It isn’t Tumblr’s responsibility etc etc.

Ask box must be open so I can contact you if you do win.

Reblog this post and state in your reblog what your favorite doll sculpt is to enter.

Don’t be a jerk by spamming your friends with unnecessary reblogs, I’ll only count one.

Likes don’t count.

No giveaway blogs.

Must be 18 or older to win, or have parental permission to enter.

I’m in the USA but will ship internationally. Customs fees and duties are the winner’s responsibility. 

The giveaway will close on October 13th at 11:59pm Portland Oregon time. Winners will be announced October 17th at the latest. I’ll be choosing winners randomly.

If you don’t want to wait, I am having a sale in my Esty shop now. Use coupon code DORRU from now through October 10th, 2014 for 15% off all orders. The coupon must be used during checkout to be honored, I cannot refund for unused coupons.

Nrrrr picking just one favourite sculpt is hard! I’ll go with Volks Maki Tsuyoshi, because at Dolpa One-Off tables I kept going, “look at that one, how gorgeous” and it would be a Maki T. ^^;


Detail shots of my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture, completed early July, 2014.

I realize I mentioned writing more about the piece when I posted these, but now I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to say.

Watership Down was one of the first novels I read as a child, probably at 10 or 12. I saw the animated film soon after, and it’s clear to me that both the book and the movie made an indelible impression on me. I reread the book every two or three years, and it hasn’t lost any of its power or impact. Most of all, I’m enthralled by the rich stories the rabbits share with one another throughout the novel. My love for mythology was certainly encouraged by reading WSD as a child.

Thanks for the wonderful response to this piece so far, you amazing folks!

Materials and dimensions and all that other good stuff can be found on the turnaround photoset that’s posted on my Tumblr, right below this post.

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